Icelandic Expeditions

This is a one stop shop for some of the most creative and exciting expeditions in the Arctic. In 2017 we will be focussing on diving deeper into the magical land of Iceland. With the logistical possibilities of Snowmobiles, Helicopters, Super Jeeps and Sailing Boats to get you into the best possible zones, Iceland delivers an unforgettable experience every time. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, weather systems start bringing snow to the island as early as October and with us running expeditions from January - June. Whether you wish to see the island under the Northern Lights or in the Midnight Sun our expeditions will give you a taste of a real viking winter. With our extensive experience from Svalbard, we are also specialists in putting together custom logistics for film crews and expedition teams all over the Arctic. Just get in contact and see how we can satisfy your lust for adventure!

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